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Where did Always Best Hair Company come from ?

Where did Always Best Hair Company come from ?

ABH is the initials of Always best hair, that is also the aim.Established in 2013, ABH embarked on its journey when our Director,Jimmy,alongside his wife Cathrine launched a salon with a vision to empower individuals—from those yearning for voluminous hair to those dealing with hair loss, including cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The mission was clear: provide high-quality, affordable hair extensions to enhance confidence and beauty.

Our commitment to quality was the driving force behind our decision to establish our own production facility in 2017 in Juancheng, a city known for its hair industry. This strategic move was critical to ensuring the consistent, superior quality of our human hair extensions, wigs, and toppers—right from sourcing the raw hair to crafting the final product. Today, our products are globally recognized for their unparalleled consistency and excellence.

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