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Our Factory in Juancheng

Our Factory in Juancheng

At Always Best Hair Factory, we hold our ethical standards and the satisfaction of our team in the highest regard. Our dedicated employees in Qingdao, China, enjoy a positive work environment that includes three nutritious meals a day, standard eight-hour shifts, weekends off, holiday leave, and comprehensive worker insurance. This nurturing approach has resulted in one of the industry's lowest turnover rates, with an average employee tenure exceeding five years. For wholesalers and distributors seeking reliable and ethically produced hair extensions, our factory's employee welfare policies reflect the integrity and quality of the products you'll be offering to your customers.

For wholesalers and distributors, partnering with Always Best Hair means you are aligning with a company that controls the entire production process to guarantee the highest quality in the market. We not only follow the latest industry trends and innovations but also set new standards, ensuring that our partners always have access to the most sought-after and premium hair products, solidifying our position as a leading hair supplier. Join us in offering your clients nothing less than the best in the world of hair extensions.

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