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V light hair extensions Questions & Answers

V light hair extensions Questions & Answers

1. What’s is the V-light machine?

It is a curing device made of multiple LED chips according to linear arrangement and optical principles, is professionally used for curing resin when V-Light Technology is used for hair extension.

2. What are the V-light Machine features?

(1). Simple operation and easy to carry

(2). both plug-in and charging can be used

(3). The use told us not less than 2 hours after full charge,and it will automatically shut down when the battery is low.

(4).the curing speed is fast,and it can be cured in 5-8 seconds.

3. Is it harmful to body heath?

No. It is the LED,Passed national security system certification.


4. What does the V-light machine manual include?

There are Main body ,instructions ,lanyard ,light-blocking board ,USB line included.


5. Does it have the plug available in your country?

Yes we have US plug and Europlug

6. How to use this V-light Machine?

(1). Please charge this product before use, please connect the charging cable to the Type-C charging port, the red indicator light is on during charging, and the green indicator light is on when fully charged.

(2). Press the switch key to turn on, press the switch key again to turn off, it will turn off automatically after 8 seconds after turning on.

(3). Irradiate the hair extension resin glue with a V light hair extension lamp for 8 seconds to complete the curing.

7. Is the light transmitter heat?

Yes it is just a little warm,not hot. So you wont feel uncomfortable when install hair,the curing speed is very fast, just in 5-8 seconds

8. What type of blond glue is it?

It is our patent,we use special pu and technology to make it.

9. How is the glue removed? What remover is required?

You can just use the liquid remover ( same as tape ins remover ) , or use the machine remover.

10. How long will the bond last ?

The bond (glue) can last for 2-3months , when you hair grow up , you need to remove it.

11. Will it affect you to wash hair , blow dry hair ?

No. Just wash , style , blow dry as your own hair.

12. How long does the light device last?

You can use it forever. We will repair for you within one year.


13. Can the hair be reused?

Yes,you can use the hair again after removal. Just install it again with our glue.

14. What’s the glue color?

it is transparent liquid , so it’s suitable for all hair colors.

15.How many bottles of glue should i order?

one bottle glue is 20grams, can be used for 3 heads.
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  • Cecilia Kimble

    Where can I get my certification?
    Do you have workshops?
    Thank you,

  • Juanita Mc allister

    can i use my own brand of hair with v light
  • Mercedes Cintra

    Compré este producto el 21 de octubre y no e recibido el producto ni la información para el rastreo
  • Chelle

    Hello- I do not see the V-light for sale on your website. How can it be purchased?
  • Faby

    Per togliere basta solo il liquido remover?ho devo usare altro? Grazie.

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