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Back To School Hairstyles: The Ultimate Guide

September is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for back to school. While some may dread going back to school, we here at Seamless Hair think it’s a great opportunity for a new school wardrobe (hello fall fashion!), new friends, and of course, new hairstyles for school.

When it’s 8 a.m. and you’re running late to class, you need that perfect, cute hairstyle that looks put together, while being quick and easy enough to create in just a few steps. That's why we've put together the ultimate guide of our best hairstyles for school, with the help of our lovely friend Kassinka.

We'll run through how to style and store your Seamless Hair extensions for these hairstyles, the types of techniques you will need to know, and step by step instructions for 10 easy back to school hairstyles.

These 10 easy hairstyles are beautiful and chic, and most importantly, are quick, simple, and easy to create when you only have a few minutes before class. Follow along for our definitive guide to the best hairstyles for school.

First things first: hair extensions for back to school
While it may seem like having a set of clip-in hair extensions makes your hairstyles more complicated, being able to quickly clip a set of hair extensions in and achieve length and volume instantly will be a saving grace at school! Forget about teasing and fighting with your hair every morning—instead, roll out of bed, clip your extensions in, and go. It’s that easy. Best of all, if you have medium hair or short hair, hair extensions are the perfect solution to getting long hair and being able to create the easy hairstyles shown below.

Kassinka wears her Seamless Blonde Balayage Luxies in this tutorial. Stumped on which shade is your perfect match? Check out this guide to choose your perfect shade of black hair extensions. Click here for brown hair, here for blonde hair, and here for red hair.

Since Seamless Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, they can be curled, styled and straightened, and retain their style until they’re washed. This means you can simply curl your extensions once, and as long as they are stored properly in their storage box, you can simply unbox, clip in, touch up, and go! An extra tip? Keep two sets of hair extensions: one straight and one curled, to avoid straightening and curling the same set according to your hairstyle. This will also help preserve their lifespan, doubling the amount of time they last until they need to be replaced.
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  • Adamm G

    I am 50 years old Man. I wan to buy Adhesive Hair wig. how to choose and price and how to order

  • Adamm G

    I am 50 years old Man. I wan to buy Adhesive Hair wig. how to choose and price and how to order

  • Adamm G

    I am 50 years old Man. I wan to buy Adhesive Hair wig. how to choose and price and how to order

  • Sherry

    How can I purchase and how much ?

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