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* Top Remy Hair
* Double drawn (hair thick from root to tip)
* X1 50g per pack
* 80cm width(when weft opened out)
* No Tangle, Shedding Free

     Flat weft incorporates a flat flexible adhesive with double stitching and lace to provide the most secure and discreet weft fitting. The way we make our flat wefts ensures no return hair (those short bits that stick out near the top on a traditional weft), no fraying and no shedding.
     The flat weft gives more comfort for the end user as well as a more natural looking fitting without the bulk at the roots – perfect for those that like to wear their hair up.

     If you’ve ever researched hair extensions, you’ve probably heard of remy human hair as it is the preferred choice for hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs due to its natural look.
     The term “remy” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to manufacture and assemble the hair extensions. All remy hair has a uni-lateral cuticle direction, which essentially means the hair follicles all go in the same single direction from root to tip. Since all the hair strands stay aligned in their natural direction, using remy hair ensures the natural look, feel, pattern, and beautiful texture of the hair. It also guarantees minimal tangling and matting, commonly found in non-Remy or low quality products so remy human hair extensions remain super soft and naturally silky with a healthy shine throughout its lifetime.
     The hair are made of 100% remy human hair, which has been carefully collected and sorted to ensure its superior quality.
It’s best to be really diligent about your research when looking to purchase quality hair extensions as some hair suppliers claim they sell either 100% remy human hair when it’s really combined with other hair like Non-remy, or even Animal hair,Fiber Hair when it’s anything but, so purchasing from a trusted and respected brand is crucial.

      Top Remy Hair Line has an approximate lifespan of 8 to 12 months (up to 6 months for light blondes) tests have proven many cases have longer lifespans reported.
The lifespan of hair extensions is always dependant upon the end users lifestyle. The above guide is only as there is no definite lifespan due to hair extensions being a perishable product that's longevity depends greatly on the care of the user and the lifestyle of the user.

     Ethically purchased at the top market value to ensure donors are fairly compensated. Hair is only purchased from consenting adults to ensure there is no underpaying nor child exploitation in practice. Sourced from the India, North China border,Central Asia,Southeast Asia.
     We always advertise with full disclosure and integrity and we always recommend customers to fully be informed of the true description of what they are purchasing. Many brands are falsely advertising hair as Russian/Mongolian hair when there is simply no such thing. For more info on this topic please visit the Advice/FAQ page and scroll to “ Where do hair extensions actually come from?”.

Quality control:
     Aside from the strict selection process at the source, our factory will perform many quality control tests to ensure the hair meets the standard for Seamless Hairs Top Remy Hair Line. After each step of processing from bleaching to colouring there will be testing carried out to ensure the hair still has its cuticles in tact and that the processing has had minimal damage to the hair. Hairs that have their cuticles stripped or damaged enough to effect the quality or lifespan of the hair is discarded at this stage and will not be packaged or sold by Seamless Hairs.
     After processing tests are completed the hair is drawn to remove shorter or loose hairs. An inspection is carried out to check the ratio of thickness is correct for Seamless Hairs.
     Checks are then made to ensure the hair colour matches the shade on the colour ring to ensure that any difference is so minimal it is not visible. If hair is a different tone to it’s matching colour swatch on the colour ring it is removed from the product line and will not be packaged for sale.
     Once the method is determined (either weft, tapes,tips, nanos,etc) and attached the hair is then weighed per piece and per pack to ensure that every single gram is present.
Once the hair reaches our warehouse we then repeat the quality control checks on colour matching the shade swatch, the weight per pack and length correct as advertised. Anything that isn’t just so or hair that in any way feels defective does not reach out picking stations and is returned to the factory.


16"-18"inch Flat Weft

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