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Permanent hair extensions that use glue require a slightly different approach to hair during the first 24 hours. After applying the extensions, you should not wash your hair for at least 24 hours and preferably, not brush it to allow the glue to completely set (bonds / tapes). You should never comb your hair, especially when it is wet, as this can cause your own hair to break. Allow at least your roots with the adhesives to dry before gently working your way through your hair and extensions with a brush. To carefully brush the hair, you need a special extension hairbrush that gently detangles the hair and does not damage the bonds or tapes. Always start at the tips of your hair while brushing and carefully work your way up to the roots. Hold your hair at your head so as to avoid pulling too much on the adhesives.

Do not wash your hair upside down when you have extensions as this can cause knots and tangling. Hair with extensions should be washed a maximum of 3x per week. Only apply alcohol-free shampoo diluted with water to the adhesives.

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