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Those who want to lengthen or thicken their hair themselves should make sure to choose high-quality extensions. You can be sure that at Seamlesshairs you will get human hair extensions made from 100% Indian or European hair in Remy quality. Thanks to regular inspections and a rigorous selection process of raw materials, our extensions meet the highest standards. They have, therefore, also received the quality seal of the IHHQP (International Human Hair Quality Proof). You will be able to feel and see the difference in this quality. The highest quality to us means manufacturing each product line in a separate room. That way, the different hair qualities clearly remain separated. We carry out necessary treatments with non-aggressive and silicone-free chemicals. To achieve Remy quality, the hair is sorted by the direction of hair growth after it has been treated so that all hairs are facing the same direction of growth. This later prevents the hair from getting knots and angling.

Just like your natural hair, you still need to maintain and care for your hair extensions. Our hair extension brush is the best way to prevent daily tangling and frizz that comes with styling your hair. You can also follow our hair extensions care instructions to guarantee the shinest and healthiest looking extensions.

Order your affordable hair extensions to lengthen and thicken your hair today and start enjoying a completely new look.

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